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Northern California Celebration of Excellence

2019 Northern California Celebration of Excellence
CONGRATULATIONS to those students who have been invited to apply to perform at the Northern California Celebration of Excellence Recital!  Email invitations have already been sent to those students who have met the criteria along with their teachers.


Sunday, February 3, 2019, • 2:00 PM & 3:30 PM
Tateuchi Recital Hall, Community School of Music and Arts
230 San Antonio Circle
Mountain View, CA

  • Perform At the Recital - Criteria

    Celebration of Excellence Recital Submission

    Students who obtained an examination result of 90 or over (First Class Honors with Distinction) and/or Gold Medal students, are invited to perform at the recital. If you meet this criteria and are interested in performing, please consult with your teacher and also review the recital repertoire selection criteria below prior to submitting your application. Due to recital time constraints, not all students may be selected to perform.

    The application to submit a recital piece will be available shortly!

    Recital Repertoire Selection Criteria

    You may select ONE piece (or ONE movement of a longer work) from the current RCM Syllabus to perform as outlined below. Please ask your teacher for guidance with your repertoire selection.

    • The selection need not be one of the pieces you performed for your 2017–2018 performance examination, but it must be chosen from a level within the next two levels for which you received the award.
    • The selection must be listed in the current RCM Syllabus for your instrument: Student's Choice or Teacher's Choice pieces are not acceptable for this performance.
    • All selections must be played by memory.
    • Time limits must be strictly respected as follows:

    • Performances at Preparatory Level - Level 4 may not exceed a maximum of three minutes
    • Performances at Levels 5 - 8 may not exceed a maximum of five minutes
    • Performances at Levels 9 - 10 may not exceed a maximum of seven minutes.
  • Order Recital Tickets
    Information on ordering tickets to the 2019 Northern California Celebration of Excellence will be available shortly!